Single Vineyard

Much like a Burgundy ‘Grand Cru’, the J. de Villebois single vineyard wines reflects the quintessence of our range. It is the ideal synergy between an exceptional terroir and the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety. The Sauvignon Blanc takes a step back to allow these exceptional terroirs to express its unique qualities. It reveals surprising undertones and contributes to a wine
perfect for laying down which will improve with ageing. Allow yourself to wait a few years before enjoying it and appreciate this powerful yet elegant wine. The Villebois spirit is hidden in the depth of these wines. Dare to dive deep and be seduced!

Sancerre Les Beltins

Sancerre Blanc AOP

Sancerre Chêne Marchand

Sancerre Blanc AOP

Sancerre Chêne à la Rouline

Sancerre Blanc AOP

Pouilly-Fumé Les Vignes de Tréleau

Pouilly-Fumé AOP

Sancerre Le Vallon

Sancerre Rouge AOP

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